CAP Program Proves to be a Getaway from Maintenance Worries for Paradise Helicopters

The Hawaiian Islands have more than 200,000 visitors daily, with Honolulu ranked as the 4th busiest international port of entry for the U.S. According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, tourism is the largest single source of private capital into Hawaii’s economy – it contributed $1.6 billion in total state tax revenue in 2014. Additionally, the sector is the biggest generator of jobs, providing for 165,000 of the jobs within the nation’s 50th state as of 2014.

Paradise Helicopters – locally owned and operated company founded in Hawaii in 1997 – is a touring and custom charter helicopter company, based on the Big Island and Oahu with a long history as a Bell Helicopter customer. Paradise currently has five Bell 407 helicopters in its fleet. Paradise became the first fleet customer to participate in Bell Helicopter’s Customer Advantage Plan (CAP) with the enrollment of their 407s in the program.

The confidence of the pilots is high,” said Joel Van Brunt, pilot for Paradise Helicopters. This confidence is bolstered by Paradise Helicopter’s involvement in the CAP program. “We have a fantastic maintenance team. It's both pieces, we have great maintainers and they have a great logistical support system in place to get the parts here and rotate it out when they need to be.”

The Paradise pilots have an impressive background with resumes touting careers flying in the United States Marine Corps – and even “Marine One” presidential pilots serving three United States Presidents. Safety and quality is important to Paradise’s pilots and their maintenance team, and the CAP plan has become instrumental to the Paradise maintenance processes; the pilots like the assurance that their aircraft is maintained well, maintainers like the assurance and peace-of-mind that CAP provides.

Special partnerships forged within the communities in which Paradise operates allows them “to offer much more than lava, rainbows and waterfalls - we leave you with an authentic piece of Hawaii – the unique culture and Aloha spirit that make the islands unlike any other destination in the world.” These special relationships allow them access to fly – and land – in areas that might otherwise be inaccessible, offering one-of-a-kind tours of the islands.

“Bell Helicopter aircrafts’ easy maintenance leads right into the CAP program, because the CAP program gives us that surety. It gives us a guarantee that Bell Helicopter is behind us when we need parts, they are going to be there. They’ve really come through on that. When we need a part we call them. Several days later, we're getting the part to our door  Scheduled maintenance is so much easier, 30 days before we need the part we request it through CAP. When the maintenance is planned, the parts are here ready for us to install on our aircraft," said Paradise CEO, Cal Dorn.

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