Another Bell 407GXP joins the Med-Trans Mission

For over three decades, Med-Trans Air Medical Transport (Med-Trans) has been providing the necessary quick response when lives are on the line. Their extensive, varied helicopter fleet includes numerous Bell 407s that provide transport for a variety of hospital systems, medical centers and EMS agencies in 25 states.

Over the years, we have been proud to be a helicopter manufacturer Med-Trans puts its trust in and was happy to deliver another Bell 407GXP to them this week.

To celebrate the occasion, a typical, run-of-the-mill delivery ceremony wasn’t conducted but rather to keep it true to its HEMS mission, we were proud to host a blood drive at our facility with Marsh Regional Blood Center and Med-Trans’ Tennessee-based Wings Air Rescue.  For those who attended they had a chance to check out Wings Air Rescue’s Bell 407 on display. More than 25 people donated providing 20 units of life-saving blood.

“Recognizing the delivery to our long-time customer Med-Trans with a blood drive really brought together the mission of what this helicopter and its team will set out to do – save lives,” said Ross Raburn, Bell Helicopter’s key account manager for Med-Trans. “It’s heartwarming to see our employees come together to support this important mission and I’m proud to see another Bell 407GXP support when seconds, not minutes count.”

To learn more about Med-Trans and its partners check out their website for further information.