Sri Lankan Air Force assists victims from flooding using the Bell 412

In times of need, we like to think of Bell Helicopter and the use of our products to relieve the situation. Saving lives is one of Bell Helicopter’s most crucial missions. With our superior products, it is our obligation to help countries who have fallen from disastrous events. 

Sri Lankan Air Force Bell 412

On the week of May 22, 2017, monsoon rains caused major flooding in the southwestern portion of Sri Lanka leaving the country in disarray. More than half a million people were affected by these devastating floods. The Sri Lanka Disaster of Management Center claims that this is the worst flooding in 14 years. About 200 people were found dead, 99 people missing and the death toll is expected to rise.

In response, troops, volunteers and local organizations have been assisting the victims of this horrific flood. According to the media, the Sri Lankan government has deployed over 2,000 military personnel to the affected areas. Bell Helicopter and the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) have maintained a strong partnership for about 46 years. The Air Force operates a large fleet of helicopters with majority of them being Bell Helicopter products.

Sri Lankan Air Force Bell 412

Heading the whole operation was the Commander of SLAF, Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy. He was seen flying the Bell 412 during search and rescue missions. The Bell 212s and 412s have been working around the clock during this terrible flood to help rescue and save lives. The Bell 412 is designed to work on the most extreme environments on the planet, making it a necessity in conditions like the flooding in Sri Lanka. After the mission was complete, the SLAF stated that the Bell 412 “lived up to its reputation and our expectation of reliability and mission effectiveness and fulfilled its part in the SLAF fleet.”

We are honored that the SLAF continues to place their trust in our services and products. Bell Helicopter strives every day to serve people across the globe by creating products that not only preserve freedom, but save lives.