Bell V-280 Valor


Bell and the UAW: A Trusted Team for FVL

Bell and the UAW are modernizing Army Aviation with proven technology and a trusted future workforce. Together, we are building reliable, sustainable, and survivable Future Vertical Lift weapon systems for FLRAA and FARA. Ready right now, the flight-proven Bell V-280 Valor will support economic growth and advance American manufacturing jobs for generations to come.

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A Trusted Future Workforce

The UAW is one of the largest, most diverse unions in North America. Its workplaces range from multinational corporations to small manufacturers, state and local governments, universities, hospitals, and private non-profit organizations – all unified by both active and retired individuals in every sector of the economy.

Supporting American Manufacturing Jobs

The development of the Bell V-280 will have a significant economic impact on American manufacturing, creating thousands of future jobs for members of the UAW, our Team Valor partners, and the entire U.S. defense industrial base.

Teaming with Industry Leaders

To advance the affordability, sustainability, and maintainability of the Bell V-280 Valor, Bell has teamed up with manufacturing giants like the UAW and Rolls Royce to deliver superior technology, drive performance and produce successful weapon system programs to support the U.S. Army’s multi-domain operations.

Advancing Army Aviation with the Manufacturing Technology Center

Bell’s is ready to design, build, and sustain the Army’s FLRAA and FARA weapons systems with our state-of-the-art Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) – a digitally-integrated future factory enterprise capable of delivering rapid, reliable, and affordable vertical lift engineering solutions for the next 50 years.


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Bell V-280

Purpose-built to revolutionize the reach and effectiveness of each mission while offering greater maneuverability, reduced downtime and mission safety. With over twice the speed and range as current vertical lift assets, the Bell V-280 Valor is soaring past the finish line at 300 knots.


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