Your commute, transformed.

Turn a 45-minute drive into a 10-minute flight. The safe, convenient Air Taxi is designed to let you make the most of your commute. Its sleek cabin offers a comfortable space for you to relax. Or work. Or socialize. All while saving your most precious resource: time.

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A New Design

Our journey to build the right aircraft to revolutionize vertical lift allows us to explore new avenues and evolve our technology. Introducing the Bell Nexus 4EX, a four-duct vehicle configurable in an electric or hybrid-electric platform. Efficient, cleaner and capable, exactly what the world needs.

Hybrid & Electric

Need to catch a quick ride across town? The Bell Nexus powered by electric-propulsion offers a quiet, comfortable ride across the city, returning valuable time back to you. The Bell Nexus 4EX can operate as an electric-only vehicle or a hybrid-electric configured vehicle. With a hybrid platform, the Nexus 4EX promises an extended reach to travel farther or to more remote locations, based on your mobility needs.
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Endless Possibilities

Designed to solve delivery and commuter challenges, the Bell Nexus can carry goods, people and data to serve a business or city-wide demand. By stepping into conversations about potential infrastructure, we are building a network where on-demand mobility opportunities can grow.
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Fly into Smart Cities

Urban air mobility acts as a significant puzzle piece in the future of city travel. Whether in the air or on the ground, new forms of transportation combined with artificial intelligence and supported by multi-modal centers will begin to emerge. The Bell Nexus will connect and move commuters to these resourceful and engaging hubs within the city where their mobility experience continues.

A Family of Vehicles

At CES 2019, our six-duct vehicle stunned a global audience and showed them a glimpse into the future. After testing and development, we've expanded the Nexus family to include the Bell Nexus 4EX. Our teams are excited for another year of learning and progress as we build the aircraft to fit customer and market demands.


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