Facts Matter

Bell V-280 Valor Facts

Footprint and Size

The V-280 was purpose-built with footprint and size in mind to fit in current operational Army hangars.

Industrial Base

Bell's V-280 Valor will not only help the US Army modernize, but it will also strengthen the U.S. industrial base by utilizing a modernized supply chain pipeline across numerous manufacturing industries. With 11 manufacturing leaders globally and over 700 years of combined experience, we're paving the way for U.S. economic growth and demonstrating our continued effort to prevent vendor lock for the U.S. Army

Golden Hour

The "Golden Hour" is a critical concept focused on improving survival rates and quality of life for wounded warfighters if they receive an appropriate level of care within the first hour of injury. The US Army's reach within the "Golden Hour" will be redefined in future conflicts. With the V-280 Valor's demonstrated speed of 280+ knots and vastly expanded reach, the warfighter's survivability rate significantly increases.

Tiltrotor Training

Training standards on a tiltrotor platform for the US Army will be similar to traditional rotary-wing training requirements. This fact has been demonstrated on tiltrotor platforms for the United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, and US Navy. The tiltrotor is the ONLY FLRAA configuration with decades of training pedigree and hundreds of trained pilots, reducing risk for the U.S. Army

Vendor Lock

Future Vertical Lift assets like the US Army's FLRAA and FARA weapons systems represent a paradigm shift towards modular open systems and standards enabling operational overmatch and affordability over the entire product life-cycle. Bell and our industry teammates fully support the US Army MOSA objectives, through advanced system architectures and open standards, to eliminate vendor-lock and provide the US Army with the tools they need to compete and win now and the future.

Efficiencies of Tiltrotor

The unmatched speed, range and fuel efficiency of the V-280 Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) reduce the US Army Commander’s logistics burden and create the strategic, operational and tactical reach required to establish and maintain decision dominance when competition turns into conflict. US Army modernization is an imperative to ensure our nation’s ability to deter, defend and assist in times of conflict or humanitarian crisis.

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