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Bell Helicopters for Business Case Study and Testimonial

In a Bell, your day is limitless

Download our case study and testimonial interview with business owner and Bell 429 customer, Aaron Ziegler, to explore a realistic example for corporate travel, the benefits of helicopter ownership for business's when compared to fixed-wing, and how corporate flight departments benefit from complementing their fleet with a helicopter.

People think of a helicopter as a luxury. But I look at it as a competitive advantage.

Aaron Zeigler

Bell 429 Owner

Investments matter

Fixed-winged aircraft can rack up more than $6,000 in operating costs per hour. A helicopter can drastically cut down your acquisition and operating costs by nearly 75%. With the price of gas rising around the globe, a helicopter can become the most efficient way to travel, especially in major cities like Chicago or Detroit.
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More time back in your day

The average commute in the U.S. is 55 minutes. Though you can’t add more hours to the day, the helicopter solution can minimize travel time and get you to multiple places throughout your day. It can also get you where you need to go faster in less time than a fixed-wing aircraft.
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You control your schedule

Sometimes business doesn’t happen 9am to 5pm. A helicopter secures your last-minute travel plans without depending on an airport or waiting in security lines. Your helicopter allows you to travel in style and comfort on your terms.
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The helicopter solution for business and travel is the closest thing there is to buying time.



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