Bell 429

  • YearTBD
  • Total TimeMirabel, Canada
  • Serial Number57438
  • Utility
  • Serial Number57438
  • AvailableComing Soon
  • LocationMirabel, Canada
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Kits & Customizing Quantity
Emergency Floats Provisions (Electrical & Fixed) - For Floats With Life Rafts1
Rotor Brake Equipment1
Dual Pilot Control Provisions (Required for Dual Pilot Operation)1
Seats - Passenger Standard 6 Place - 15.5" Seats With 4 Point Restraint System - Quick Release Disconnects & ICS Fixed Provisions (CLUB OR AIRLINE SEATING CONFIG)1
Headliner - Standard -w- LED Lights & Adjustable AC Vents1
Weather Radar (Primus 660) Original Radome (Displayed on the MFD)1
HEC Double Cargo Hook Equipment - EASA - 600 kg HEC Capacity / FAA - 300 kg HEC Capacity and 3,000 lbs Non-HEC Capacity1
Emergency Egress - Standard Interior (Push-Out Windows For Hinged Passenger Doors - Lt Gray)1
Forward Flashing Light1
Radar Altimeter (Honeywell KRA 405B) (Required)1
Door Openers - Automatic - for Crew (2 Door Kit) (AA)1
Aft Cabin ICS - 6 Place (Headsets Not Included)1
Dual Pilot Controls Equipment (Required For Dual Pilot Operation)1
Inlet Barrier Filter1
Cockpit / Cabin Call Circuit1
Tanis Heaters (Engine, Fuel Management Module, Transmission, and Tail Rotor Gearbox) - 230V1
Increased Capacity Battery (53 Amph) (Cat. A Compliant)1
Technisonic VHF/UHF Transceiver Model TDFM-9100N with Type A Modules P91774 (with antenna mounting compatible with snow landing requirements)1
12VDC Cigarette Lighter Receptacle for Cockpit1
200 Amp Starter Generator (Dual) (Required For Cat. A Operations)1
Fuel Vent Relocation (429-899-268)1
Engine Fuel Heater (PW207D2 Engine) Price reflects quantity 21
Cockpit Voice Recorder/Flight Data Recorder, Crashworthy (w/ Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB))1
Ditching Kit (Additional Strengthening To A/C Nose And Belly)1
Bleed Air Heater Provisions (Air Comm)1
Floor Protectors - Cabin Club Seating (AA)1
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750 Chartview Upgrade1
Articulated Landing Light (Required For Cat. A Operations)1
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN 750/650 NVG Upgrade (Garmin)1
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750 HTAWS Upgrade1
Door Openers - Automatic - for Hinged Passenger Doors (2 Door Kit) (AA)1
Rear Clamshell Doors With Windows1
Bleed Air Heater Equipment (Air Comm)1
Air Conditioner -w- Single Evaporator and Manual Controls (Air Comm)1
Traffic Avoidance System - SkyTrax 605A (Avidyne)1
Floor Protectors - Crew LH & RH (AA)1
Main Rotor Blade Folding Kit - Fixed Provisions (Same for 2-Blade Fwd & 2-Blade Aft or 4 Blade Aft) (Paravion)1
Skid Gear Mooring Kit for Shipboard Operations (To Include Replacing Existing Jacking Fittings with Steel Fittings, Additional Mooring Fittings, and Skid Gear Wedge Tools). Includes Engineering Analysis and Customized Mooring Instructions.1
Main Rotor Blade Expandable Bolts (4)1
Fuel Filler Area Protector (AA)1
4th Axis Autopilot1
Pilot Cyclic Stick Locking Device1
HEC Double Cargo Hook Provisions1
Aux Fuel Tank Equipment (39 Us Gal)1
Headsets - A20 (Bose) -w- Bluetooth8
Polycarb Windshield LH and RH, Clear1
IGW Transport Canada Certified FMS (Requires additional kits)1
AeroDynamix NVG STC (does not include AeroDynamix NVG Covert IR Formation Lighting System or IR Articulated Landing Light Modification)1
Gross Weight Towing Kit (AA)1
Door Openers - Automatic - for Baggage Compartment Door (AA)1
Compressor Wash Kit1
Life Vest Provisions - 6 Place Stowage Pouches1
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750/650 16 Watt Upgrade1
12VDC Cigarette Lighter Receptacle for Cabin1
Re-wire of existing ICS system to include LEMO headset jacks in Cockpit & Cabin (Requires Aft Cabin ICS - 6 Place Kit)1
3rd Display Unit & 2nd Standby Compass (Required For Dual Pilot IFR Operation)1
Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) (Honeywell KR 87)1
IPOD Interface to Audio System1
Standard - Gray Fabric w/ Aermat1


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