Bell 429

  • YearSEPT 2022
  • Total TimeMirabel, Canada
  • Serial Number57468
  • Corporate
  • Serial Number57468
  • AvailableSeptember 2022
  • LocationMirabel, Canada
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Kits & Customizing Quantity
QuantiFLY (AA) (429-947-001) Customer responsible for activation and subscription fees for cell service.1
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750 Chartview Upgrade1
5VDC Dual USB Charging Ports - Cabin (4 Corner Positions)1
5VDC Dual USB Charging Port - Pilot (Incl. modification to Pilot Map Holder for charging an iPad/Tablet)1
5VDC Dual USB Charging Port - Co-Pilot (Incl. modification to Co-Pilot Map Holder for charging an iPad/Tablet)1
Increased Capacity Battery (44 Ah) (Cat. A Compliant)1
Air Conditioner -w- Dual Evaporator and Manual Controls (Air Comm)1
Bleed Air Heater Provisions (Air Comm)1
Wire Strike Protection System1
Fuel Filler Area Protector (AA)1
Bleed Air Heater Equipment (Air Comm)1
4th Axis Autopilot1
Compressor Wash Kit1
Re-wire of existing ICS system to include LEMO headset jacks in Cockpit & Cabin (Requires Aft Cabin ICS - 6 Place Kit)1
Forward Flashing Light1
Articulated Landing Light (Required For Cat. A Operations)1
Door Openers - Automatic - for Hinged Passenger Doors (2 Door Kit) (AA)1
Door Openers - Automatic - for Crew (2 Door Kit) (AA)1
Door Openers - Automatic - for Baggage Compartment Door (AA)1
Soundproofing - Cabin1
200 Amp Starter Generator (Dual) (Required For Cat. A Operations)1
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750 HTAWS Upgrade1
Aft Cabin ICS - 6 Place (Headsets Not Included)1
Traffic Avoidance System - SkyTrax 605A (Avidyne)1
3rd Display Unit & 2nd Standby Compass (Required For Dual Pilot IFR Operation)1
Rotor Brake Equipment1
Inlet Barrier Filter1
Gross Weight Towing Kit (AA) (Loose)1
Radar Altimeter (Honeywell KRA 405B) (Required)1
Dual Pilot Controls Equipment (Required For Dual Pilot Operation)1
Dual Pilot Control Provisions (Required for Dual Pilot Operation)1
Hinged Passenger Door Windows (LH & RH) Med Gray (AA)1
Sliding Passenger Door Windows (LH & RH) Med Gray (AA)1
Fold-down Console on Corp 6 Place 18.5" Seat2
Aft Bulkhead Closeout Panel1
Seats - Passenger Corporate 6 Place Club 18.5" Seats With 4 Point Restraint System - Quick Release Disconnects & ICS Fixed Provisions (CLUB OR AIRLINE SEATING CONFIG)1
Corporate Interior Trim and Plush Wool Carpets1
Headliner - Corporate -w- LED Lights & Adjustable AC Vents & Color Coordinated Leather Trim1
Fabricate Leather Skirt Around Cabin Seat Bottoms to Cover seat tracks1
Designer Series Interior Upgrade1
Designer Series Option: Synthetic Leather Covering Over Interior Panels1
Designer Series - Tan1


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