Bell Passport

Review your access

The My Resources page provides a central location for you to see all of your assigned resources.

Request your own access
If you need access to resources, you can submit an access request for those resource from the Request Access Shop.
Request access for others
You're able to request access from the Request Access Shop for someone on your team, one of your direct reports, and more.
Monitoring your request
When resource requests are submitted, you can view the status of those requests in the Tasks and Requests Center, and interact with them further if needed by adding comments or monitoring approvals.

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    More than a request system

    The Bell Passport application is more than a request system. It provides clear visibility to current access and automates much of the provisioning tasks, meaning you will receive access to the tools you need more quickly.


    Bell Passport was first launched in March 2019 as a replacement to RBARS. On April 3, 2020, it will replace the 19-year-old legacy system, WebCAR.

    Image of Bell Passport search screen

    Bell Passport has many improvements over WebCAR and RBARS.

    • A shopping cart experience which eliminates the need to know technical jargon
    • Ability to see your current access
    • Ability to receive access quicker due to streamlined processes and automated provisioning


    The IT Security team will continue to develop more capabilities in Bell Passport, so stay tuned!
    For up to date information on where to request access, visit the Access Navigator application. It will help steer you in the right direction.
    Instructions on how to use Bell Passport can be found below or in the FAQ document. And be sure to check back as this documentation will continue to grow along with Bell Passport!

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