Manufacturing/Materiel Management

Materiel Management is responsible for a spectrum of Bell materiel processes impacting suppliers including requirement development, production change control, and cost reduction efforts.

Detailed supplier instructions are found within Bell Process Specifications (BPS) documents. The BPS library is included as part of the Supplier Product Assurance section of Bell's Sell2Bell Portal.

Packing and Labeling

Cost Reduction

Bell embraces Textron strategies concerning cost management efforts including Continuous Improvement (CI), Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE), and other initiatives to help control quality, delivery, and manufacturing costs across Bell Helicopter's supply base.

Opportunities to jointly work on projects with suppliers at their site(s) will occur from time to time. Suppliers are encouraged to participate in CI projects executed within their space, as these projects can provide a wealth of experience in use of CI tools and techniques.

Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Transportation activities include establishing premium transportation contracts, support Production and Commercial/Military aftermarket programs, integrate Lean methodology into storage and disbursement processes, induct "standard work" practices in warehouse management teams to reduce costs, and instill best value concepts with technology and WMS applications.

Detailed supplier instructions are found within Bell Helicopter Process Specifications (BPS) documents. The BPS library is included as part of the Supplier Product Assurance section of Bell Helicopter's Secure Web.

Packaging and Labeling

Bell defines packaging, labeling and handling standards for suppliers. Labeling includes bar coding and Unique Identification (UID) requirements among other requirements. Full requirements are found as part of BPS 4050 on Bell's Secure Web . Requirements are part and commodity specific.

Packing Slips and Master Bill of Lading

All shipments to Bell must include correct packing slips and master bills of lading.

Advance Shipping Notices

Bell has two Advanced Shipping Notice methods. Suppliers can use either the web-based system or direct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). ASNs allow suppliers to have visibility of Bell need dates while giving Bell greater control of shipment tracking and receiving.


Transportation guidelines are included as part of the Purchase Order. Textron has enterprise-wide negotiated transportation standards, listed on This includes guidelines and process for expedites and Premium Transportation options.

NAFTA Regulatory Content Reporting

Suppliers must comply with North American Free Trade Agreement regulations, including Certificate of Origin documents. Suppliers are responsible for investigating and complying with their legal obligations in connection with the manufacture and supply of goods under NAFTA regulations.