Materiel: NAFTA Reporting

NOTE: Applies to North America only. The following information regarding NAFTA and Certificates of Origin is intended only as general information. It is the responsibility of the supplier to determine its legal obligations in connection with the manufacture and supply of its goods. Bell provides no warranty of the accuracy of this information.

The Certificate of Origin is the document used for certifying that a shipment of goods or goods produced over a time frame is originating under the Rules of Origin. Our Customers will be requesting Certificates of Origin so preferential NAFTA tariff treatment can be claimed and also so that they can establish that your good is originating when they apply the Rules of Origin to there own good.

At the beginning of each New Year, we are required to update our files and resubmit Certificate(s) of Origin on all of our products produced. In order for Bell Helicopter to issue Certificate(s) of Origin we need to obtain the Certificate of Origin from each of our suppliers by the end of December yearly. If new product(s) are introduced after the original submission at the beginning of each year, each supplier is required to submit a Certificate of Origin during this time. Please do not wait until the end of the year to re-submit.

Basic Steps in Issuing a Certificate of Origin

For all NAFTA issues reference US Customs and Border Protection Website