Quiet Rooms

A quiet room is a room reserved as a space of silence, privacy and seclusion when an employee has a physical, mental, religious or medical need. At various Bell facilities, there are quiet rooms set aside for employees to utilize as needed.


The Quiet Rooms are intended for use by employees who are:

  • Current nursing mothers, needing a secure and private room to express milk (lactation room).
  • Employees needing a private area for common religious practices (prayer room).
  • Employees with prescribed medical needs requiring a private location during the normal workday (medical room).
  • Employees in need of a recharge.

Room Scheduling

  • You must schedule time in Outlook each time you would like to utilize the Quiet Rooms.
  • The room can be scheduled for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. Please do not use the room longer than necessary in order to make this space available to as many people as possible.
  • Be sure to mark your meeting notice as “private” (click the padlock icon) so that others cannot view the appointment details. For security purposes, the administrator of the room will be the only other person who knows the name of the person reserving the room.
  • Look for the names below in Outlook to book the room and add it as a participant in your meeting. Select the padlock icon in Outlook when booking the room for the privacy option if desired.


Plant / Building / Level Outlook Room Name Notes
HQ: Building 61    
Level 1 &Quiet1.61.1.X113 Standalone room
Level 2 &Quiet1.61.2X101 Standalone room labeled as “Mother’s Room”
Level 3 &Quiet1.61.3.X101 Standalone room
HQ: Building 26    
Level 2 &Quiet1.26.2.X108South Inside women’s restroom
Level 2 &Quiet1.26.2.X107East
Inside women’s restroom
Level 2 &Quiet1.26.2.X103WestbyElevator
Standalone room
HQ: Building 24 &Quiet1.24.2.X101 Inside women’s restroom
DSC Quiet Room
ACC &Quiet 1.36.1.Nurse’s Area
Bldg 4 – Flight Line
&Quiet.FWLC.3.Main Office Area
FRC &Quiet6.1.1.S114
CBC &Quiet.CBC.332
&Amarillo Quiet Room
Piney Flats    
BDG 450
&Piney Flats 450 Quiet Room #105
BDG 441
&Piney Flats 441 Quiet Room #227B
BDG 157
&Piney Flats 157 Quiet Room #161

Room Access

  • Each room will remain unlocked when not in use.
  • If you are unable to make an appointment in Outlook in your preferred location due to the room being occupied, please choose another room in Outlook on an alternate floor/building.

Room Use and Cleaning

  • To conserve energy, please turn off the lights when the room is not in use.
  • Please leave the room in clean condition after each use by wiping down counters and other areas of use.
  • Cleaning supplies will be available for use, as needed.


  • The refrigerator is for storage of expressed milk only.
  • Please label your milk storage container with your name and the date of use.
  • Please note the hours each Quiet Room is open, so you can retrieve items stored in the refrigerator.
  • Do not adjust the refrigerator settings. Turn the setting down to the coldest setting builds up ice and may result in refrigerator damage.

Additional Information

For more information about the Quiet Rooms and their intended use, please contact wellatbell@bh.com.



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