Flight Safety Awards

Bell offers a special safety award for professional pilots who quietly get the job done—day after day—flying safely. Check out the list to see where you stand compared to other pilots!

Recognizing an individual pilot for flying safely is far too rare. Most pilots only hear of mistakes made by another pilot in an accident. Bell provides a Pilot's Safety Award certificate for hours flown without an accident in a Bell helicopter. This can be achieved in either military or commercial aircraft. This award is given in thousand hour increments to recognize those pilots with a proven commitment and history of safe flying. We have posted a list of individual pilots receiving this award since January 1997 along with their respective safe flying hours. See how your safe experience level compares to your peers. This table will be updated regularly with the newest safety award recipients.

To apply for this recognition certificate, please send a request letter from the chief pilot, CEO, military commander, or other individual who can confirm how many accident-free flight hours you have flown in Bell helicopters. If you are an individual pilot / owner, you can write the statement yourself.

Let us know how you would like the name to appear on the certificate. If you want to include a military rank, you need to indicate that.

The Bell Helicopter Textron Flight Safety Group will verify the accident-free period and issue the certificate through a Bell Marketing representative. Pilot Safety Award certificate that are presented at a company safety meeting are a good way for the management to emphasize the importance of having his pilots fly safely.

Flight Safety Group Contact Information 

Bell Helicopter Textron
Chief, Flight Safety
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
PO Box 482, Ft. Worth, TX 76101

E-mail: hvergis@bh.com
Phone: +1-817-280-1973