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For over 75 years, Bell has been a trusted partner to public safety operators globally. We take pride in fielding the world's first fire helicopter and the world's first police helicopter. Bell’s legacy extends beyond innovation, as we continue to support those same pioneering agencies today, collaborating with hundreds more.


We understand that public safety missions require more than just advanced helicopters. That's why Bell is dedicated to providing industry-leading support, comprehensive training, and innovative aftermarket solutions. When the call comes, you need a partner you can depend on. Bell is that partner.

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Meet our segment manager

Terry Miyauchi serves as the Public Safety Segment Manager for Bell and has the privilege of working exclusively with SAR, Fire and Police aviation units globally. Terry plays an integral role in supporting Bell’s sales team as a subject matter expert in parapublic and law enforcement operations and leverages his extensive law enforcement and pilot experience to bridge the gap between customer needs and Bell solutions. Recently, he has been instrumental in cementing Bell aircraft as key law enforcement assets throughout new and existing aerial units across global markets.


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Terry started his aviation career in the mid-1980s and served in the U.S. Army as an AeroScout pilot.. Through the years, he has worked as a pilot, instructor pilot, standardization pilot, safety officer, regional manager and most recently retired from the Arizona Department of Public Safety where he was the Aviation Commander.


Terry holds a bachelor’s degree in Professional Aeronautics and master’s degree in Aviation Leadership, both from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He has amassed more than 7,000 commercial helicopter hours in more than 12 helicopter types and holds FAA pilot ratings in helicopters, airplanes, gliders, and lighter-than-air balloons.

Public safety solutions

Bell 429 Parapublic Interior

Bell 429

The Bell 429 is a proven Public Safety platform with notable firefighting and law enforcement agencies relying on its advanced capabilities to protect and serve cities and communities. An easily configurable and large cabin ensures agencies are set up for successful multi-mission use, whether that means executing fire-related missions, carrying a large crew, or transporting critical equipment. The 429 sets the standard for modern-day multi-mission aircraft.


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Subaru Bell 412EPX

The improved SUBARU BELL 412EPX delivers a spacious cabin to match your mission’s needs. From airborne command to search and rescue, evacuations to firefighting - no task is too tough. Coupled with incredible hot and high performance and an improved max gross weight of 5,534 kg (12,200 lbs), the 412 is the workhorse of decades that just became stronger and added bigger payloads.


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Bell 505 Public Safety Helicopter

Bell 505

The Bell 505 makes airborne public safety operations feasible for more agencies than ever before. Outfitted with much of the same equipment as larger aircraft at a lower cost, the Bell 505 provides the opportunity to enhance and create your own Airborne Public Safety unit. Whether staying on top of a car chase, orbiting over a crime scene, or putting out fires from the sky, the Bell 505 has the speed, endurance, power, and mission equipment to complete the toughest Public Safety missions at a fraction of the cost.


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Bell 407

The Bell 407 is a trusted and reliable aircraft, operating with countless law enforcement and firefighting platforms as a primary mission. With seating for 2 crew and up to 5 passengers, low fuel consumption, and single-pilot IFR capability, the 407 delivers for critical public safety missions around the globe.


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Bell 525 In Flight Three Quarter View Blue Sky

Bell 525

The Bell 525 delivers advanced safety features as the first commercial helicopter with triple redundant fly by wire flight controls. Utilizing 25% less fuel than the competitor average, the 525 provides efficient transport for your operations. The highly adaptable cabin includes mounting points for external equipment, designed for rapid configuration changes. Switch out gear, unload and load personnel and complete your mission.


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Maricopa County Police Bell 429
Web_Hero-CML_429_Slovakian-Police_SLO 0671_2019
Web_Hero-CML_429_Swedish-National-Police_SWE 0723_2019
Web_Hero-New Zealand Police Bell 429
LA County Fire's Bell 412 dumping water on a fire
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Starting a police aviation unit?

Starting a new police aviation unit can be daunting. With the right partner it doesn’t have to be. Download our police aviation investment justification case study to explore not only why police aviation is worth the investment, but also the level of support an agency would receive from Bell in their endeavor to launch police aviation.

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Public safety videos

The Bell 407 and the Michigan State Police

Listen to Sgt Nick Olivo from the Michigan State Police on why the power, speed, agility, and maneuverability of the Bell 407 make it the ship they need.

Swedish Police Air Support Unit Bell 429 Pilot

Since he was a child, he had a dream of being a helicopter pilot. Hear one pilots story on his journey to become a pilot for the Swedish Police Air Support Unit and his favorite features of the Bell 429.

Swedish Police: TFOs and Pilots on the Bell 429

Hear from Tactical Flight Officers and 429 pilots of the Swedish Police Air Support Unit on how the 429 supports their missions.

Orange County Sheriff Aviation Unit: Bell 407

Hear from the pilots of Orange County Sherriff's office on how they execute missions with the 407.

Denver Police Department: Bell 407GXi

The Chief Pilot walks us through their mission and operation in Denver with the Bell 407GXi.

Swedish National Police: History and Operations

Hear from Swedish Police Air Support leadership about their history, operations and use of the Bell 429.

Butte County Sheriff

Members of the Butte County Sheriff's department discuss the versatility, power and performance of the Bell 505 for public safety missions.

Bell 429: New Zealand Police

Members of the New Zealand Police take delivery of their 429s and discuss the benefits of this highly configurable multi-mission aircraft

Fairfax County Sheriff Video Cover
Fairfax County Sheriff's 429s: True Multi-mission Capabilities

Come along with Chief Pilot Andrew Egerton of the Fairfax County Police in Virginia as he explains how his agency uses the Bell 429 across multiple missions, including supporting law enforcement efforts like SWAT as well as helicopter emergency medical services, or HEMS.

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