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Sell2Bell is Bell's supplier portal–the gateway for doing business with Bell which allows you to better manage the way that you interact with us. Sell2Bell contains links to Purchase Orders, RFQs, Forms and Technical Data. It also includes training materials and other helpful documents.

Our quality program

Bell is committed to delivering safe and innovative vertical lift solutions to meet business requirements by always putting customers first and focusing on safety and quality above all throughout the enterprise and supply chain.
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Our supplier diversity program

Bell's Supplier Diversity Team advocates for the utilization of diverse suppliers in our procurement process. The team realizes the important contributions our suppliers make to the growth and success of our company; therefore, we actively work to identify suppliers whose capabilities match the requirements of the business.
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Supplier cybersecurity requirements

The Defense Industrial Base is facing new threats every day. The Department of Defense needs its supply chain to enhance its resiliency in the cybersecurity space. Bell is committed to securing our supply chain by providing information and tools to prepare our suppliers for growing cybersecurity requirements.
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How to sell to Bell

  1. Step


    Does your company match our business needs?

     See Our Needs section below.

  2. Step



    Register your company’s capabilities at

  3. Step


    If your capabilities meet our needs.

    Your company will be sent a Level 2 Supplier Assessment Form for completion. (If there is interest in further capability/needs match making)

    • Your company will be sent a Level 3 Supplier Assessment Form for completion which will be followed up with a visit from representatives of Bell Helicopter to validate the assessment. (If there is further intent to work toward supplier approval)


  4. Step


    After all 3 Supplier Assessments are complete and the appropriate Bell Helicopter quality approvals are in place, your company can begin receiving quotes from Bell Helicopter.

Our Needs

Production Commodities

  • Bearings & Seals
  • Bonding
  • Cable/Harness Assembly
  • Castings
  • Component Repair Service
  • Composites
  • Development
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Engine/Xsmn/Gear
  • Fabrication/Sheet Metal
  • Forgings


  • Instruments/Avionics
  • Machining
  • Offload
  • Plastics
  • Processing/Lab/NDT/Testing
  • Raw Material
  • Repair
  • Specifications/Source Control
  • Standard Vendor Hardware
  • Upholstery/Fabrics


Minimum requirements to become a Bell supplier

ISO 9001:2008


Supplier Part Numbered Item Sources:
Compliance to AS9100 Quality Management System (reference Bell T’s and C’s; Clause 10)


Compliance to AS9120 Quality Management System (reference AS9100 and applicable SQRM-001 requirements)


Repair/Overhaul Service Providers:
Compliance to AS9110 Quality Management System (reference AS9100 and applicable SQRM-001 requirements)

Need help?

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