Bell Textron, Inc. Company Overview

We're the company with a passion to push the limits of vertical lift and provide customers with reliable options to fly faster, further, and arrive early.

Who we are

We’re an aerospace and defense company that engineers and manufactures aircraft for critical solutions in extreme scenarios. We’re breaking barriers in lifting people to safety across transportation, medical, rescue and military services, and leading the industry in future solutions that are fast, reliable and efficient.

Quick to respond, fast to adapt

Over 300 million years old and revered in cultures across the world, the dragonfly is quick to respond and fast to adapt. At Bell, we, too, are never satisfied staying still.


Instead, we work hard to maintain our momentum and evolve—always thinking ahead to create what’s next in flight. Because, like these airborne creatures, we are constantly reaching for greater heights.


Our company values

Lift each other up

We are a committed and unified team. Always thinking beyond our individual roles and departments to consider how our actions impact each other—and align with what’s best for the entire company. We collaborate freely, communicate openly, and celebrate each other’s achievements and success.

Thrill our customers

Delivering exceptional experiences to our customers is a top priority. We stay a step ahead to develop technologies they can’t live without. We listen. Then we apply our technical expertise and tenacity to thrill them at every turn, today and tomorrow

Act swiftly and decisively

We’re empowered to take smart risks to deliver real impact, pushing beyond the status quo to identify a better way. We seek perspectives outside our areas of responsibility to create more efficient solutions. We don’t wait to be told what to do. Rather, we make timely decisions and move forward with purpose.

Find a better way

We’re curious and see the potential tomorrow holds. We put passion over perfection. Never stopping in our mission to build the solutions that defy gravity—every misstep is a moment to grow, every challenge a chance to raise the bar in safety, reliability, and impact.

Career opportunities

At Bell we're changing the way you fly. Are you ready to find your trajectory?
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