Bell Miami OEM Service Center

Bell's Service Center located in South Florida provides a “one-stop-shop” to enhance helicopters from the smallest avionics upgrade to a complete aircraft rebuild.

Supports helicopter owners in the southeast United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America

OEM trained and experienced technicians

Robust warranty protection available

Quality products at fair and reasonable prices

Affiliate advantages provide cost-effective, comprehensive robust aircraft support

Customer Advantage Plan global network

Technical Capabilities

Field Maintenance
Bell Helicopter Models: 206A, 206B, 206L, 212, 230, 407, 412, 427, 429 and 430
FAA Part 145 Repair Station Inspection / Repair Capabilities
Bell Helicopter Models: 206, 212, 222, 230, 407, 412, 427, 429 and 430
Airbus Models: AS350, AS355, EC120, EC130, EC135 and EC155
Agusta: A109 Series
MD Helicopters Models: 369, 500N and 600N Series
FAA Part 145 Power Plant Inspection and Repair Station Capabilities
Rolls Royce Models: 250-C20, 250-C20R, 250-C28, 250-C30, 250-C40 and 250-C47 Series
Pratt & Whitney Models: PT6, PT6T Series, PW206 and PW207 Series
Turbomecca Models Arriel and Arrius Series
Bahamian Civil Aviation Approval Based on our FAA Part 145 Capabilities

Robust Warranty Program
1 year/1,000 hours—whichever occurs first

Extensive Refurbishment Capabilities

Before Modified Image
After Original Image

Maintenance & Repairs Literature

These documents are available in PDF format in multiple languages.

Contact the local General Manager.


Bell Miami

2011 S Perimeter Rd #L
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
United States of America

Phone: 1-800-537-4454
Fax: +1-954-771-4692