Attendance Information

No. 6 Seletar Aerospace Heights, Singapore 797545

Class Hours: – 08:00 am to 04:00 pm (Daily)

Dress Code: Casual clothing such as jeans are acceptable. Tank tops, sandals and shorts are not recommended. Please be advised that only covered shoes are allow.

Lunch Break: The lunch time is from 11:25 am to 12:15 pm daily. Complimentary van will be provided to ferry customers to a local shopping mall and food court. Customers are responsible for their own lunch expenses.

Security Regulations: Student will be issued a Bell visitor’s pass on the first day of class. Visitor’s pass must always be worn while in the facility. Do not enter any operational area without permission. No taking of photographs or videos in the operational hangar.

Training Materials: All supplies, training materials and tools required for training are furnished by the training academy. Training materials are provided to enrolled students only and will not be issued prior to first day of the class.

Shop Activities: Maintain a clean working area and demonstrate safe work practice. If required, all personal protective equipment must be worn at all time during work process.