Bell Huey II

A daily workhorse with an expansive cabin providing multi-mission flexibility.

The Bell Huey II Modernization Program is the only OEM approved and supported Bell UH-1H performance upgrade available today. The Bell Huey II combines commercial Bell 212 dynamic components with the reliable Honeywell T53-L-703 engine, leading to an increase in hover performance in hot conditions. In addition, the Bell Huey II upgrade increases the max gross weight to 10,500 lbs, while lowering direct operating costs. Along with the Bell Huey II kit installation, Bell Helicopter refurbishes the Bell UH-1H basic airframe to OEM standards, provides a complete rewire, updates the avionics and offers a comprehensive selection of mission specific kits and customization. So whether your mission is troop transport into high altitudes, medical evacuation in hot conditions or transport to and from remote bases, choose the Bell Huey II.

4,873 lbs. Useful Load
220 ft³ Cabin Volume
1+14 Max Seating
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Bell Huey II provides a flexible, economical, high performance medium helicopter solution.


SPEEDS at max gross wt
VNE 111 kts 206 km/h
Max Cruise 106 kts 196 km/h
Range at VLRC* 246 nm 455 km
Max Endurance* 2.6 hrs
Service Ceiling (Pressure Altitude) 16,210 ft 4,940 m
Hover Ceiling IGE (Optional Max GW, ISA) 12,595 ft 3,839 m
Hover Ceiling OGE (Optional Max GW, ISA) 5,335 ft 1,626 m
Standard Seating 1 + 12
Aux Fuel (Optional) 150 US gal 568 liters
Cabin Volume 220 ft³ 6.2 m³
Maximum Seating 1 + 14
Standard Fuel 211 US gal 799 liters
Empty Weight (Standard Configuration) 5,627 lbs 2,552 kg
Useful Load, (Internal, Standard Configuration) 4,873 lbs 2,210 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal) 10,500 lbs 4,763 kg
Max Gross Weight (External) 11,200 lbs 5,080 kg
Cargo Hook Capacity 5,000 lbs 2,268 kg
*Max GW, ISA, Std fuel – no reserves at sea level

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