Aviation Safety Manager Training

At Bell, we emphasize the importance of developing a culture of safety.  With this culture in mind, our Bell Training Academy designed this course to share our knowledge with you about what practices have helped us as a leader in aviation to achieve world-class safety standards and reduce safety risks.

What You Will Learn

IIMC Instrument Panel
  • Awareness of Potential Hazards
  • Mitigating and Limiting Flight Risk
  • Effective Emergency Response Plan
  • Identify and Locate Safety Resources

What You Will Do

Two days of six-hour classroom training where students will go through curriculum topics such as:

  • Cockpit Resource Management
  • Regulatory Compliance FAR
  • Predictive Risk Assessment
  • Influencing safety practices through leadership

Upon successful completion of the program, you will leave with a Certificate of Completion from the Bell Training Academy.

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