EDI: Overview

The following is EDI-related information for Bell. Some of it will be needed, some not, depending on how you configure your software and VAN services.

EDI Qualifiers and IDs

Unless otherwise indicated, use the same IDs in both the ISA and GS segments. If sending transactions to Bell Helicopter, contact the EDI Support Group to determine which ID to use. Phone numbers for the EDI Support Group are listed on the Points of Contact page.

General Qualifier/ID: 01 / 062923321
Routine Purchase/Change Orders: 01 / 062923321
GMS Commodity/JIT Orders: 16 / 062923321JIT

What Type of Supplier Am I?

Bell Helicopter Textron purchases goods and services through two main avenues. These include:

Routine Suppliers: A Bell Helicopter Textron buyer issues a routine purchase order to an active Bell Helicopter Textron supplier. This transaction is transmitted using an EDI 850 transaction set.

Commodity (Just-In-Time) Suppliers: Bell Helicopter Textron issues commodity contracts to active Bell Helicopter Textron suppliers for extended periods of time. Contract items and prices are pre negotiated. Once a contract is active, Bell Helicopter issues a release against the contract and transmits it to the supplier using an EDI 850 transaction set.

Bell uses different EDI implementation guides for routine and commodity purchase orders. It is essential for a supplier to use the appropriate implementation guide when processing Bell Helicopter Textron EDI documents.

Note: Bell Helicopter Textron may use both routine and commodity buying methods to do business with the same supplier. If you have any questions regarding transaction types your organization process with Bell Helicopter Textron using EDI, please contact the Bell Helicopter Textron EDI Coordinator for more information.

Value-Added Network Information

Bell uses the Commerce:Net (formerly known as OrderNet) from Sterling Commerce for its VAN services. If you are not using Commerce:Net, be sure to let your VAN know to set up an interconnect to Commerce:Net. If you are using Commerce:Net as your VAN, no interconnect will be needed.

Bell does not communicate with its trading partners using direct connections.

EDI Software and Hardware

Bell is using Gentran:Mentor, from Sterling Commerce, for its EDI translation services. Our EDI platform is a SparcStation 20 from Sun Microsystems, Inc., and we are dialing out to the VAN using an AT&T ComSphere 3810Plus bisynchronous modem. Incoming data is routed to an IBM mainframe or a Novell network server after translation.

Transmission Times

Bell dials the VAN at 22 minutes past the odd hour (01:22, 03:22, etc.) to send any pending outbound EDI data (usually functional acknowledgments) and to receive any inbound data.

Outbound transmissions of note are:

Routine purchase orders: 05:22
JIT Orders: 07:22
DFAS invoices: 21:22
Special JIT orders: 23:22

All times are USA Central Time.