Supplier Quality Program

Information for Bell Suppliers on Quality Requirements

Our Quality Program

Bell is committed to delivering safe and innovative vertical lift solutions to meet business requirements by always putting customers first and focusing on safety and quality above all throughout the enterprise and supply chain.
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Becoming a Supplier

A key to Bell’s success is the timely provision of quality products and services by Suppliers that are also committed to meeting or exceeding customer requirements. Bell therefore develops and maintains relationships with Suppliers having proven capabilities to meet Bell requirements. In support of these relationships, Bell has developed the Supplier Quality Requirements Manual (SQRM-001) manual based on Aerospace Standard AS9100 to communicate quality requirements and expectations that will assure compliance to Bell customer requirements.


A company’s approval as a Supplier is initiated by Bell Purchasing with verification that the company’s Quality Management System is in compliance with applicable requirements.

Bell Supply Management maintains a listing of approved suppliers. The following are some of the principal criteria used to determine the suitability for inclusion on this list:


  • Position in Industry
  • Technology
  • Capacity
  • Competitiveness
  • Responsible for Engineering, Development and testing
  • Warranty Commitment
  • Full Service Capabilities (Program management and design capable)
  • Participation in Cost Reduction Programs
  • Progressive Culture with Continuous Improvement Philosophy
  • Service and Support
  • Responsiveness to requests for quotes, technical assistance and e-business
  • Effective Problem Resolution
  • Proactive Approach to Defect Prevention and Continuous Improvement
  • Location

This table below provides a general overview of the minimum Bell Supplier Quality Requirements.





Supplier Type

Minimum Quality System Standards

Additional Quality System Requirement Information


AS9100, EN9100, JISQ9100

Registration with an accredited “Certification Registration Body” (CRB) and listing in the SAE OASIS database is required for Supplier of Bell part numbered item.

Compliance to standard is required for Supplier of non-Bell part numbered items.


Nadcap® AC7004

Nadcap® accreditation is required for some sources of processes defined by Bell Engineering.

(Nadcap® Exemption: Testing facilities performing these processes may maintain accreditation to ISO 17025 and all applicable test methods through an ILAC signatory.)

Compliance to applicable Nadcap® AC7004 is required for sources of other processes.

(AS9100 registration or Nadcap® accreditation represents evidence of compliance)



Compliance to standard is required.

(AS9100 or AS9120 registration represents evidence of compliance)

Compliance to standard is required for Supplier of non-Bell part numbered items.

Customizing Services on BHT Aircraft


Certified Repair Station in accordance with the Subcontractor’s Civil Aviation Authority

Compliance to the requirements specified in SQRM-001.


AS9100 or ISO9001


Bell “General Tooling Document”

Registration with an accredited “Certification Registration Body” (CRB) and listing in the SAE OASIS database as well as compliance to General Tooling Document is required for Supplier of tooling assigned Bell program part number.

Compliance to applicable requirements of standard and General Tooling Document is required for Supplier of other tooling.



Appendix IX

Compliance to the requirements specified in SQRM-001.

Process Control

Bell Engineering prepares Bell Process Specifications (BPS) containing the procedures and requirements that apply to Bell designed items. BPS's are applicable as stated by the Bell Engineering and Purchase Order (PO). The Technical Data Package (TDP) identifies the applicable documents and revisions.

Facility Approval

BPS's that require Bell Engineering facility approval prior to processing production parts are identified on the BPS cover sheet.

Identification, Handling Storage, and Packaging

Identification of parts and/or assemblies includes the: part number, serial number (when applicable), calendar date of manufacture, and inspection acceptance stamps. BPS 4050 fully defines the Identification of Bell Parts. Parts and assemblies are identified and serialized as specified by the Bell Engineering.

Procedures must provide for the handling, storage, and control of parts and materials from receipt through all manufacturing operations, to delivery of the final product. BPS 4102 fully defines the Handling, Storage, and Packaging requirements.