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Zhenjiang Bell Textron Aviation Services Center

Integrated aftermarket solutions

Zhenjiang Bell Textron Aviation Services Center offers comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul services to our customers in the Greater China region, including Macao, Hong Kong, and Mongolia. Our in-country product and customer support engineers will ensure your aircraft is ready and operational at all times.
Bell Aircraft in Maintenance Hangar
Efficient regional Bell spares shipment within the region
Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) and door-to-door delivery for all Bell spares sales with local China currency
Comprehensive aircraft and component maintenance, repair and overhaul
CAAC approved Part 145 certifications for holistic maintenance and overhaul
Access to experienced maintenance, repair and overhaul specialists
Extensive warranty protections for various aircraft models and flight uses
Round-the-clock technical and customer support team to ensure your aircraft readiness
Readiness to provide return-to-service flights to customer-specific locations


The Zhenjiang Bell Textron Aviation Services boasts a 5,200 sq-ft facility that houses the regional Bell office, spares warehousing, MRO and CRO facility, and aircraft ramp area.
Our Service Capabilities
  1. Regional Spares Distribution
  2. MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul)
  3. CRO (Component Repair & Overhaul)
  4. Aircraft Customization / Refurbishment
  5. Aircraft Upgrades & Mods
  6. STC & Kit Installation
  7. Interior Modifications
  8. Other Customer-Specific Requirements
Aircraft Upgrades, Mods, Reconfigurations and Customization
  1. Mission Kit Installations, e.g. Hoists, Fast Ropes, Cargo Hooks, EMS Systems, Airborne Surveillance, Auxiliary Fuel Cell Systems, Float Kit, Mission Radios, etc.
  2. Systems Upgrades, including Navigational and Communications Systems
  3. Aircraft Reconfigurations for Parapublic, Utility, Corporate, EMS, Training, and other specific missions
  4. Aircraft Customization & Refurbishment including Rewiring, Soft Line Replacements (Hoses and Lines), Fuselage Repairs and Preventive Maintenance
Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
  1. Periodical Aircraft Inspections & Maintenance
  2. Periodical Component Repair & Overhaul
  3. Periodical Corrosion Control & Repair
  4. Conditional Inspections after Incident or Exceedance
Part 145 Certifications

China: CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China)

Let's talk

Zhenjiang Bell Textron Aviation Services Ltd.
No. 33 Block #1, Yangzijiang Road
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
Phone: +86 511 8312 6776
Fax: +86 511 8312 6776
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