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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Bell

Diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity are not just values to uphold, but are catalysts for innovation, creativity and success. Embracing our differences and fostering a culture where everyone feels valued and empowered are the keys to unlocking Bell's true potential.​

Differences count

Drawing employees from over 90 countries and customers from 120 countries, we strive to understand and celebrate the many unique perspectives, talents and backgrounds that add to our vision.

Employee resource groups

Our Employee Resource Groups ("ERGs") host educational events and opportunities to develop professionally by learning from unique experiences. Whether it's a fun trivia, hearing from an external speaker, or lending a hand to your community, don't miss out on a chance to bond.
Community outreach

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Bell ERG - Asian Corporation of Employees


Asian Corporation of Employees

Promoting growth and empowerment of Asian employees at Bell through cultural awareness, leadership, and innovation.



Wellness Alliance (Alliance Miuex Etre)

The mission of the AME is to promote wellness to our participants by offering different activities based on the four pillars of wellness: mental, physical, spiritual, and financial.



Bell African Ancestry Networking Group

The Bell African Ancestry Networking Group (BAANG) supports the goals of Bell by promoting the recruitment, retention and development of African descendants through networking, community service.

Bell ERG - Bell Employees for Environmental Sustainability


Bell Employees for Environmental Sustainability

Bell Employees for Environmental Sustainability (BEES)’s mission is to promote environmental and sustainability initiatives with the intent of reducing Bell’s impact on the environmental.

Bell ERG - C4D


Champions for Abilities

C4D serves as a strategic partner for Bell by raising the profile for employees with disabilities and employees with family members or friends with disabilities by helping to remove visible and invisible barriers in the workplace.

Bell ERG - Families at Bell


Families at Bell

Families at Bell (FAB)’s mission is to provide resources, information and collaboration opportunities that empower all classifications of families and promote a healthy work-life balance.

Bell ERG - Fusion


LGBTQ+ Employees, Family, Friends and Allies

FUSION was created to help bring together a mixture of employees from different backgrounds with a common focus to cultivate, promote, educate and organically sustain a diverse and inclusive work environment for employees who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and/or Queer + and their Allies.



Health and Wellness Community

HAWC was established to focus on physical, mental, and nutritional stability to cultivate a health culture and build healthy habits within each and every employee.

Bell ERG - La Campana


Latinx Employee Resource Group

La Campana’s motto is El Sonido de Exito (The Sound of Success) – Together We Succeed. Let’s push past possible and be the next sound of success!



Experienced Employees

Legacy is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Bell designed to promote a support system whereby late-career employees can continue to strategically navigate opportunities within Bell, the community, and personally.

Bell ERG - NexGen


Next Generation Employees

NexGen’s mission is to promote the personal and professional development of early career employees by creating opportunities that add value to the company and community.



Veterans Outreach Through Employee eXperience

Veterans Outreach Through Employee experience (VORTEX) serves and promotes the personal and professional development of Bell’s veteran employees by creating and identifying venues and opportunities that add value to members, heritage, the military, local communities and Bell.

Join WLF


Women's Leadership Forum

WLF supports and empowers women through professional and personal development opportunities while recognizing their contributions to Bell, their communities and their families.

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