Innovative capabilities

Endurance is improved by autonomous vertical take-off which transitions to wing-borne flight, providing multi-copter payload capability with fixed wing speed.

Military support

APT takes off vertically and transitions to on-wing position for efficiency that delivers higher speeds and quieter flight; correspondingly increasing range, endurance and survivability compared to traditional quadcopter designs.
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Medical missions

With the potential to move medical supplies, tests samples, blood and more, APT opens a new world of possibilities for medical transportation. Efficiently move goods from one hospital to another while saving time and saving lives.
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Logistics operations

Integrate autonomous vehicles seamlessly into your operations with APT. Keep business on schedule and connect your facilities by utilizing this aircraft to move products and information.
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Bell APT Specifications

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  • Range (70lb payload)
    35 mi | 56 km
  • Range (100lb payload)
    22 mi | 35 km
  • Max Speed
    100 mph / 86 kts
  • Cruise Speed
    70 mph / 60 kts
  • Battery Swap
    <5 minutes
  • Battery Recharge
    <1 hour
  • From Case to Flight
    15 minutes
  • Max Wind
    30 mph
  • Operational Temps
    20° to 125°F
  • Rain
    1/4" per hour
Specifications are estimates