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Future Vertical Lift

As part of our Future Vertical Lift initiative the Bell 360 and Bell V‑280 are leading the way in supporting the U.S. Army and USSOCOM’s Future Vertical Lift requirements and is focused on providing lethality, sustainability and reach. Learn more about our Future Vertical Lift initiative on our dedicated page.


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Lethal. Sustainable. Affordable. 

Always ready. The future fight requires increased range, speed, agility and lethality. It requires seamless coordination between Army aviation and the maneuver force. It requires persistence, fearlessness, and must own the information domain. The Bell 360 Invictus delivers the U.S. Army’s requirements for the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft.





Reach you depend on

Don't let distance stand in the way of your mission's success. Go farther and faster with our advanced aircraft.

Bell 360
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Range is the maximum VFR range of the aircraft traveling at Long Range Cruise speed with all passenger seats occupied.

Hover Performance

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Whether in the urban canyons of the megacity or rugged rural terrain, the design of the Bell 360 Invictus delivers advanced speed, range and agility. The robust, articulated rotor, lift-sharing wing and optimized tail rotor enable versatility for attack and reconnaissance operations in any environment.


Scouts need to show up every time. The maneuver force depends on it. A focus on modern manufacturing tools and processes increases affordability in acquisition, and the mature design optimizes reliability to ensure that when a soldier looks skyward, the Bell 360 Invictus will be there — over their shoulder and in the fight.


Always prepared to finish the fight, the Bell 360 Invictus supports a 20mm cannon and internal payload that features an integrated munitions launcher to accommodate current and future ordnance. The combination of advanced sensors and air-launched effects elevates situational awareness and increases lethality across the multidomain spectrum.

Supplemental Power Unit

Innovation joins performance and safety with the integrated supplemental power unit (SPU). It serves dual purposes by providing auxiliary power for ground maintenance and systems checks and offers supplemental horsepower to boost cruise airspeed, dash speed, hover payload and autorotative performance.

Fly-by-Wire System

Proven on the Bell V-280 Valor and Bell 525 Relentless, Bell’s advanced digital flight control system harmonizes mature technologies for next-generation performance while offering an upgrade path to higher-level capabilities, such as optimally crewed flight operations. The system is triplex redundant and enables Level 1 handling qualities, ensuring you’re equipped to complete your mission.

Digital Thread

Our proprietary tools based on the digital thread connect all aspects of design, supply chain and maintenance. By allowing real-time collaboration, this digital toolkit reduces hundreds of man hours and downstream costs by facilitating smoother manufacturing, better sustainability and fewer schedule risks.


Bell 360 Invictus
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  • Bell 360 Invictus Fact Sheet
  • Bell 360 Invictus Top 5
  • Cruise Speed
    > 180 KTAS *
  • Hover
    Level 1 Handling Qualities at 4K/95º
  • Flight Characteristics
    Fly-by-wire flight control system enables optimal crew/autonomy Reduced pilot workload, superb agility in all flight modes
* at mission gross weight/configuration
  • Combat Radius
    135 nm *
  • Payload
    1,400 lbs.
* with > 90 minutes of time on station
  • 20mm Cannon
  • Integrated munitions launcher
  • Air-launched effects integration
Affordability / Sustainability
  • Proprietary tools connect all aspects of design, supply chain and maintenance to allow real-time collaboration and reduce life cycle costs while increasing readiness.
Upgradable / Adaptable
  • Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)/digital backbone, Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) compliant, digital fly-by-wire flight control system-upgradeable throughout the life cycle and adaptable to emerging requirements.

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