Bell Connected Services

Intuitive Flight Analysis and Maintenance Support for Bell Helicopters

What are Connected Services?

Bell’s Connected Services make maintaining your aircraft effortless and bridge the gap between aircraft data and corrective actions. Any aircraft equipped with a QuantiFLY, BHVM, HUMS, or IVHM system is compatible with Bell’s Connected Services. These services enhance your aircraft while providing operational and financial peace-of-mind.

How does MissionLink work?

The MissionLink application is the core of all Connected Services and is free to use. Once customers register to share data with Bell, all data is received by Bell’s MissionLink application. It translates data into intuitive dashboards which demonstrate how the aircraft is performing, show historical trends and analysis, provide detailed health on core components, offers seamless links between aircraft data and the IETM, and much more! MissionLink arms the customer with the essential insights necessary to efficiently maintain the aircraft.

How to receive Flight Data Services?

Bell’s MissionLink application seamlessly integrates with Truth Data’s Flight Data Services platform, enabling a multi-tiered premium service. Once customers sign-up for FDM services, MissionLink automatically and securely provides data to Truth Data. The Flight Data Services allow operators to interact with aircraft data and quickly identify, validate, and assess in-flight events to ensure the aircraft and crew are always protected throughout operations. These services are fully conforming to FAA Part 135 requirements for Flight Data Monitoring Programs.


Early detection turns unscheduled maintenance into scheduled maintenance
Cost Savings
Avoid costly repairs by catching problems before they become bigger
Rapid technical support keeps the aircraft safe
IETM Integration
Reduce troubleshooting time by integrating aircraft data and IETM actions
Fleet and event analysis for post flight troubleshooting
Customer controlled role-based access
Configurable notifications ensure you’re aware of your aircraft’s status

Service availability

Any Bell Model
Equipped with QuantiFLY


Bell 212, 412 and 429
Equipped with BHVM


All Bell 525

Coming Soon

New MissionLink Web Application

Offline MIssionLink Application

MissionLink screenshots

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