Bell UH-1Y

The utility helicopter built on a rich history with 21st century technology

The Bell UH-1Y is a combat-proven utility helicopter slated to support the United States Marine Corps global missions for the next four decades. The Yankee engages threats, delivers or exfiltrate personnel and performs under the most punishing operating conditions, making it the ultimate tactical utility helicopter. The Bell UH-1Y was first deployed with the United States Marine Corps in 2009. The Huey lineage can be traced back to combat action in Vietnam, but today’s Bell UH-1Y is a thoroughly modern, marinized aircraft. The Yankee is generations ahead of its predecessors in terms of effectiveness, performance, and safety. The Yankee operates in the most extreme environments, from Arctic cold to desert heat.

170 KIAS Max Speed
119 nm Combat Radius
2 Crew and 8 Passenger Seats
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The Bell UH-1Y is the world's most versatile and capable utility helicopter


Max Speed, KIAS 170
Max Autorotation Speed, KIAS 120
Combat Radius, nm 119 nm
Maneuverability -0.5 to +2.3 g
Cruise Speed, KTAS 147
Sideward/Rearward Flight, KIAS 45
Max Gross Weight, Pounds 18,500 lbs
Fuel Capacity, Gallons 388 gal
Model T700-GE-401C
Output, Uninstalled, Each Engine 1800 shp
Pilots 2
Crew/Passenger Seats 2/8

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