BELL 407 GXi

TH-XX Navy Advanced Helicopter Training System

Value. Reliability. Legacy

The 407GXi TH-XX shares its lineage with the proven Bell 206/TH-57 family that has trained over 24,500 Naval Aviators and counting.
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...flight hours across public and private-sector missions.


...aircraft built and operated since 1996.


...years Bell has supported US Naval helicopter training.



Pilot and Maintainer Transition

Similar normal and emergency procedures to the TH-57 and a familiar airframe allow instructor pilots to start teaching students sooner. Comparable powertrain, airframe, and support equipment means that maintainers need less time learning a new aircraft and more time supporting flight operations.


Third-party industry analysis from Conklin & deDecker shows that the 407 GXi has the lowest acquisition, operating, and maintenance costs of any helicopter in its class-making it the best value for your dollar. The longer you operate the 407GXi, the more you save in operating costs compared to similar aircraft.

Full autos. Full Training

With the 407GXi, Naval Aviators are properly trained for any emergency. It can repeatedly perform practice autorotations to the deck without aircraft damage or the need for special inspections. The energy management skills learned through full autos build a fundamental understanding of vertical flight. Bell Training Academy 407s perform 10 autos per hour on average.


Able to provide both basic contact and tactical training while forgiving of student mistakes. The 407GXi’s Soft-In-Plane Rotor system allows aggressive tactical maneuvering and slope takeoffs without exceeding rotor system limits like many rigid rotor designs. It's also simpler and requires less maintenance than fully-articulated designs.

Situational Awareness

The advanced Garmin G1000H NXi Integrated Flight deck features a moving map, synthetic vision, “pathways in the sky,” and traffic advisory system as well as pre-programmed pilot-configurable SAR patterns. Additionally, a helicopter terrain avoidance warning system (HTAWS) keeps aircrews aware of any dangerous terrain.

Procurement & Logistics

Supported by Bell's nationwide network of maintenance facilities and headquarters in Fort Worth, TX, final assembly takes place at our Ozark, AL facility, home of the 407-based MQ-8C Fire Scout. Bell’s experienced Navy 407 team ensures that users receive the support they need to accomplish their mission. No need to reconfigure hangars, flight line parking, GSE, or CAL sites. If it fits the TH-57, it will fit the 407GXi TH-XX.

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