BELL 505 Public Safety

Opening the Vertical Landscape

There are 17,985 public safety agencies across the United States. Less than 300 of them have helicopter support.

The Bell 505 Public Safety opens the vertical landscape to all who protect and serve. A customer-driven design that offers the perfect blend of multi-mission versatility, robust performance, and low cost of acquisition and operations.

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Delivering Performance When Your Community Needs It
No matter the mission—patrol, command/control, airborne law enforcement, and beyond—the Bell 505 Public Safety performs when lives are on the line. Offer peace of mind for your citizens with quick response times, longer durations on station, and Stage 3 noise compliance.
The Value-Oriented Force Multiplier
The low acquisition and lifecycle cost of the Bell 505 Public Safety expands your department’s options—whether creating a new aerial program or increasing flight hours and coverage. Bell’s award-winning maintenance support ensures long-term value by maximizing aircraft availability and mission readiness.
Technology Purpose-Built for Situational Awareness
The Bell 505 Public Safety’s Garmin G1000H integrated avionics system allows pilots to monitor critical flight data at a glance and maintain situational awareness. The aircraft can be custom equipped with our latest technology advances and a wide range of mission equipment options.
Prioritizing Safety in the Air and on the Ground
Safety remains Bell’s top priority for its aircraft, from design and testing to manufacture, delivery, and intuitive flight controls. That focus can be seen throughout the Bell 505 Public Safety, including energy crash attenuating seats with 4-point harnesses, rupture-resistant fuel tanks, and many other safety features.
Where Utility Meets Flexibility
The Bell 505 Public Safety has been designed from the skids up for exceptional multi-mission capability. With a large cabin, integrated tie-downs, easily removable seats, and 55’’ clamshell doors, it’s an aircraft that accommodates plenty of gear and reconfigures quickly for the next flight.

The Bell 505 will be invaluable in critical calls for service when minutes matter and will allow us to best protect the citizens of Sacramento

Sgt. Randy Van Dusen

Sacramento Police Department

Sgt. Randy Van Dusen

Sacramento Police Department








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