Bell 525 Applied Technology for a New Era of Flight

Bell 525 for Energy, Oil & Gas and Offshore Operations

The Solution for your Energy Missions

Energy companies are redefining themselves with a priority on sustainability and safety. At Bell, we are redefining flight with breakthrough innovations driving an emphasis on both safety and comfort and reduced emissions of our helicopters.

Most importantly, Bell is committed to your operational readiness. Delivering industry-leading support, our award-winning Bell Training Academy, and a team dedicated to keeping you focused on executing your missions.


I was really excited to fly in the Bell 525. It was so stable, smooth and quiet. As a passenger, it felt more like riding in an airliner.

Mike Hirschberg

Vertical Flight Society



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Applied Technology. New Era of Flight.

The Bell 525 brings a new era of technology to the energy mission. With triplex and redundant systems throughout, an advanced integrated vehicle health management system (IVHMS) with the world's first commercial helicopter with a fly-by-wire flight control system, the Bell 525 sets the new standard for energy missions.
Bell 525 Flying Over Industrial Zone

The Bell 525: the Right Aircraft for your Mission

Bell 525 Cockpit

Crew and Passenger Comfort

The President of the Vertical Flight Society said it best: "It was so stable, smooth and quiet". The Bell 525 offers a quiet and smooth ride, expansive baggage bay, and comfortable seat sizing and arrangements so both pilot and crew are focused on their mission.
Bell 525 with Oil Rig in Background

Reduced CO2 Footprint

The Bell 525 features innovative technology and efficiencies that will deliver a 15% reduction of CO2 emissions per seat mile when compared to the S-92, with a 20 aircraft fleet over 10 years. This results in nearly 17 million less pounds of CO2 per year. This airframe will use 800,000 fewer gallons of fuel per year than the S-92. With sustainability as a priority, the Bell 525 delivers.
Bell 525 Landing on Oil Rig

Advanced is an Understatement

The 525 is the most technologically advanced civil helicopter ever made. By eliminating mechanical linkages with its fly-by-wire flight control system, and redundancies in flight control computers, independent wire harnesses, heat exchangers and much more, the 525 delivers both advanced technology and component reliability for critical missions. This platform's innovation also allows for future technological development and automation unlike any other commercial platform.
Bell 525 in Hangar

Industry-Leading Support and Training

Bell's award winning customer support, technical and pilot training provides our operators with the assurance that trained pilots and maintainers will execute their missions, and we are available 24/7 to support and provide solutions to our customers.

Bell 525 Specifications

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  • Hover Ceiling IGE**
    9,132 ft / 2,783 m
  • Hover Ceiling OGE
    7,626 ft / 2,324 m
  • Max Cruise
    160 kts | 296 km/h
  • Max Range*
    619 NM / 1146 km

*Max GW, Sea Level, ISA, standard fuel, no reserves, VLRC

**Max GW, ISA day

  • Aft Baggage Compartment Volume
    128 ft³ / 3.6 m³
  • High Density Seating
    2 + 20
  • Maximum Gross Weight (Internal)
    20,500 lb / 9,299 kg
  • Passenger Cabin Floor Area
    88 sq. ft / 8.2 sq. m
  • Standard Fuel
    643.8 US gal / 2,437 litres
  • Standard Seating
    2 + 16
  • Max Continuous
    1,714 SHP / 1,278 kW
  • Takeoff
    1,979 SHP / 1,476 kW
Two General Electric CT7-2F1 gas turbo-shaft engines with dual FADEC
Garmin G5000H® avionics incorporating the first touchscreen glass flight deck designed for helicopters.
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