Your commute, transformed

Turn a 45-minute drive into a 10-minute flight. The safe, convenient Air Taxi is designed to let you make the most of your commute. Its sleek cabin offers a comfortable space for you to relax. Or work. Or socialize. All while saving your most precious resource: time.


Actuation systems

Moog’s innovative technologies bring the design and integration of aircraft actuation systems for flight control to the Bell Nexus. That technology includes the architecture, hardware, and software needs for air vehicle flight control actuation.

Hybrid-electric engine

For several years, Safran innovation teams have been actively exploring the potential of hybrid solutions for future propulsion systems. Bell and Safran share a vision for electric and hybrid-electric aircraft, striving for the successful deployment of our air taxis and on-demand mobility systems.

Flight controls

With our partner, Thales, we're developing the flight controls of the future. It will ensure a state-of-the-art, affordable flight controls system that will serve future piloted and fully autonomous, on-demand mobility vehicles.

Advanced avionics

Garmin International, Inc. is developing and integrating autonomous vehicle management computer systems for the Bell Nexus, ensuring it will have the primary flight information, navigation / communication, flight guidance and flight management systems to get passengers to their destination efficiently.

Energy Storage

Electric Power Systems is incorporating its energy storage system that leverages advanced active battery management technology, enabling our Battery Module to improve life and reduce cost. This will further enhance the speed and range of the Bell Nexus.


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