Solutions for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)
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Bell Aircraft for Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) and Medical Rescue

Bell offers solutions for air medical services with a range of products customized to your needs. Dating back to the original Model 47, Bell helicopters have been involved in the medical aviation industry for decades. Helicopters are essential transportation tools that enable emergency medical services to access remote or difficult to reach areas. When speed and time are critical, Bell aircraft deliver high cruise speeds that allow air medical operators to respond within the golden hour and maximize patient survivability. Bell aircraft are designed to maximize safety, capability and reliability while minimizing the operational costs of the aircraft.

Bell understands the complexity of patient care requirements and has extensive history working with operators on better ways to design aircraft to meet those needs.

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Bell Solutions for HEMS Missions


Bell 505

With a range of 306nm, the Bell 505 is the only HEMS-capable short light single aircraft in the market with the speed and range to aid global communities and save lives. A range of cabin configurations from a quick change casualty evacuation system to a complete HEMS interior, provide the flexibility to meet your mission.


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Bell 407 GXi

The Bell 407GXi is a proven IFR-capable platform for HEMS operators across the globe. With patient care as paramount, the widest door opening in its class and ease of configurability provides medical staff a capable and reliable solution.


Explore Bell 407


Bell 429

As the newest light twin on the market, the Bell 429 was designed by HEMS customers, pilots and operators for HEMS customers. Its large and flexible cabin, class-leading cabin opening, clamshell doors combined with an unparalleled smooth ride delivers maximized loading and unloading efficiency with patient outcomes as priority #1.


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Subaru Bell 412EPX

The Subaru Bell 412 EPX provides an open and flexible cabin with room for crew and specialty medical equipment. Driven by a legacy of upgrades and modernization over four decades, the 412EPX delivers improved transmission and power in hover.


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Bell 525

The Bell 525 sets the standard for the future of flight. With its expansive and easily customizable cabin, it provides HEMS operations the flexibility and the space for complex missions and specialty equipment.


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We are in a business where we measure our patient's survivability in minutes not miles. What matters is getting there in time and with certainty.

The competition will transport patients in a pick-up truck, but we are transporting them in a sports car.

Kit Brown

Mercy One

Kit Brown

Mercy One

Hear from emergency medical providers and operators

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Air Zermatt on the Bell 429

Gerold Biner, CEO of Air Zermatt, discusses their experience buying a Bell 429 and how the versatility of the helicopter helps them execute their rescue missions.

Bond Durham on 407 HEMS Operations

Hear from Bond Durham on the power, flexibility and pilot-friendlyfeatures of the Bell 407 for HEMS operations. 

CareFlite’s HEMS 429 Walkaround

Travis from CareFlite walks you through the HEMS interior ofthe 429. The large and flexible cabin combined with speed and power of the 429support the priority on patient care. 

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