Floyd Carlson Airfield

Our airfield

Named in honor of our most notable pilot. For over 40 years, Floyd Carlson flew every first flight of a Bell aircraft. A true pioneer, Carlson’s legacy represents the passion and dedication of our people.
Bell's Floyd Carlson Airfield
The Floyd Carlson Airfield opened on July 9, 2018. The airfield offers a raised landing platform and runways for training critical emergency landing maneuvers – a world-recognized differentiator of Bell’s customer training experience. Located at Trinity Blvd. and Greenbelt road, the airfield site was chosen to minimize direct overflights of our surrounding communities. Typical hours of operations from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Based on demand, late-evening flights may be scheduled Monday through Thursday during which pilots are instructed in the use of night vision goggles for law enforcement, medical and energy operations.

A globally recognized training operation

Training is the cornerstone of Bell’s customer support and services program, serving customers from more than 135 countries in the history of the Academy. Bell's training instructors are driven by the pursuit of excellence and committed to the safety and success of those they teach.

Our achievements include:

  • Helicopter Association International (HAI) Outstanding Flight Instructor awards
  • HAI Safety and Communications awards
  • HAI Safety and Communications awards
  • First Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved night vision goggle course in the world

Bell Training Academy instructors are highly-credentialed professionals training experienced customers. Many of our customers are training to use Bell aircraft for life-saving air medical, firefighting, and police missions to serve their local communities all over the world.

Community feedback

Bell offers a web-based submission system for community comments and questions related to Bell’s Training Operations.


  1. For the best accuracy, please submit a webform to log your feedback. You can choose to submit a general inquiry or a specific concern.
  2. Use our automated voice message transcription hotline by dialing 682-213-5449 or 1-844-377-7740 (toll-free). You will be prompted to provide the following information:
    • Full name, beginning with first name and spelling last name
    • Phone number, including area code
    • Email address
    • Detailed description of your feedback or concern

Residents who provide an email address may receive periodic notices related to Bell's Flight Training Operations.

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